Yoga Classes

Beginner Basics These series of yoga classes are a great way to start and build a strong foundation in yoga at our studio! We will cover all of the basics in breathing (pranayama), yoga postures (asana), and meditation.

Power Yoga Vinyasa flow class comprised of an intelligent, dynamic sequence of flowing yoga postures built around Sun Salutations A and B. Experience an increase in energy and strength while building heat. Learn to refine postures and deepen your connection to your body.

Hatha Yoga Includes moral discipline, physical exercises (postures, breath control, and meditation). Hatha yoga attempts to balance the mind and body via physical exercises.

Community Yoga Community yoga is offered with the goal of giving everyone a chance to enjoy Yoga. Giving everyone the ability to soothe the mind, the body and spirit regardless of flexibility or age. We just want you to enjoy Yoga! the donation amount suggested is at least $10

Kids Yoga Children’s yoga is a natural and healthy way to exercise, relax, focus, and strengthen their mind/body/spirit connection.

Yoga Class Prices

1     CLASS: $15

5   CLASSES: $70

10 CLASSES: $120